Why choose Us?

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Identify Need

We identify precise needs of our clients with closely working with them. This gives us right understanding of their unique requirements.

Design a Solution

After understanding the need, we design a solution which optimizes the performance with prime focus on value addition, uniqueness, profitability, & customer acquisition.


Key focus on the execution of all the battle plans prepared as per  battle field.

Innovation = raison d'être

Innovation says yes to new ideas even if others do not agree.

Begin is the first step to take charge of yourself and assume responsibility for whatever you are going to do.

Innovation is magical potion to remain relevant in complex business environment. To remain innovative, companies need to develop new products and processes – and do it quickly.  Innovation and its ability to create competitive advantage for firms are at the very core of our philosophy. To manage a company effectively through innovation and business development, we provide structured and informed analysis.

We ensure that innovation can become a part of the overall strategy of your company. You will also gain knowledge on how to put innovation on the corporate strategy agenda.

Merging Technology with Innovation

Draco tech - one stop destination for businesses.

Innovation occurs both within fields, and in combinations of fields. It’s perhaps the latter that ends up being most groundbreaking. When people of disparate expertise, mindset and ideas work together, new possibilities pop up.

At Draco tech people having different expertise and innovative mindsets comes together to fuse technology with innovation, paving way for endless possibilities.



Feasibility studies 90%
Project reports 90%
Financial management 70%
Strategic management 85%
Business intelligence and analysis 85%
Corporate restructuring 80%
Promotion and marketing 80%
Taxation & compliances 70%
Encouraging new aspirations

Draco tech-Perfect solutions to your business

we aim to become one of the worlds leading business consulting firm by adding substantial value in our clients endeavor . Come let’s grow together.

Investment Strategy

We prepare your plan of attack to guide investment decisions. It includes proper & efficient allocation of various resources. Putting efforts where it matters the most is core ideology of our solutions.

Growth Strategy

Enjoy the ride of growth with our unique and out of the box solutions.

Marketing Strategy

Heart of your business success lies in its marketing. Most aspects of your  business depend on successful marketing. We help you to create an integrated marketing strategy will help you make better individual decisions regarding specific marketing tactics.